Court Lineup

10 Tin
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For Play:
Monday May 14, 7pm
  New Rule 9.1: the total nights points of a sub will be limited to that of the highest member playing on that court. And a sub in a tie for high score does not move a player up.
Court 21
H o m e
Mark Bossard Dale abbott
Chris Clemann
V i s i t o r
Dave Lynch
Eric B. Haynes
Court 22
H o m e
Ralph Faillace
Mirek Binecki
V i s i t o r
Terry Bird
Greg Banks
Court 23
H o m e
Steve Dye
Allen Bergles
V i s i t o r
Paul Beard
Mark Boehmig
Court 24
H o m e
Larry Gilchrist
Dave Champion
V i s i t o r
Larry Stewart
Bill Huddleston
Court 1
H o m e
Paul Forrester
Dick Wheeler
V i s i t o r
Cam Jones
Matt Knopka
Court 2
H o m e
Dave Blair John Hendrick
Richard Sweeting
V i s i t o r
John Hansen
Jessie Trueba Roger Federer
Court 3
H o m e
Harold Osban
Brian Connoly
V i s i t o r
Anoop Kumar
Mark Hazell
Court 4
H o m e
Larry Allen Court not for points
Bernardo Gonzalez
V i s i t o r
Robert Hendrickson
Monty Seefeldt