Men's Tennis Doubles League
at G.T. Bray Tennis Center
Bradenton, Florida


GT Bray – Bradenton FLORIDA
Rev V5.2 1/12/18

This club is a private informal social group of gentlemen for the purpose of playing tennis and enjoying
camaraderie / and good company and is by invitation only. Not affiliated with Manatee County.

1.0 League fees are due 1st night of each season. As of November 2016 they are $6.00/pp /8 week season. Note: You are responsible for any GT Bray court fees. If you are not a member Fees are due at check-in.

2.0 Leagues are 8 weeks long unless postponed due to weather or a holiday. When postponed, league will be extended to cover 8 weeks of play. After every completion of an 8 week season there will be a 1 week layoff before the next 8 week season begins, unless there ahve been weeks off due to weather etc, then next season will start right away. See league website for calendar of play schedule. Courts in the layoff weeks will continue to be reserved for those who wish to play. NOTE: to play in a layoff week reserve a spot with a league coordinator.

3.0 All players and subs are required to check in at least 5 minutes before scheduled start time. All players and subs can inform themselves of their court assignments online at www.doublesleague.club. Be sure to refresh your web browser page to insure you are viewing the latest updates and not a cached page on your device. The final version is posted typically afternoon day of play.

4.0(a) A player, or his sub, that is 10-19 minutes late will have 3 games subtracted from their total nights score.

4.0(b) A player, or his sub, that is 20-29 minutes late will have 6 games subtracted from their total nights score.

4.0(c) A player, or his sub, 30 minutes late defaults and without notice to the league will be eliminated as a member or sub. One of the 3 remaining players is asked to report the "no-show" before leaving the club.

4.0(d): Exception to rule 4.0(c). When “Extreme Circumstances Exist”, and the player has presented his case to, and they are reviewed by, the “Council”, and the council unanimously agrees to allow exception to rule 4.0(c) for this player, the player will receive an exception.

4.0(e) A player who is late 3 times during a season leaving his fellow players waiting again and again will lose his membership.

5.0 Play warm up time is approximately 10 minutes

6.0 Serves are to be warmed up prior to play beginning. "First-ball-in" is not accepted in league play. A player forgetting or neglecting to warm up serve, will play first serve as “good”.

7.0 A sub or a member cannot choose whom he plays with. A sub or member is not welcome anymore if he quits in the middle of a season or decides not to sub because of the other players on the court. Please use sportsmanlike behavior at all times. Before taking court possession please allow time for previous players to leave the court.

8.0 A set must be completed to count. Defaults are a loss and the opponent gets a win. Exception to this rule: If a substitute is available then play is resumed starting with the next set.

9.0 Reporting of scores: Scores are to be submitted with the SetScore app. The court captain is responsible for submiting the scores if no other player will.

9.1 The total nights points of a sub will be limited to that of the highest member playing on that court. And a sub in a tie for high score does not move a player up, and a sub in a tie for low score moves down.

10.0 When a player requires an sub, the player must either: supply an sub on their own (and report to a league coordinator asap before play begins), OR, ask a league coordinator to supply a substitute for the player within an acceptable amount of time. (A player not providing adequate time is subject to a loss of games/points). A member or sub cannot choose who they are playing with or decide not to play becuase of who they play with, in which case this player/sub is excused from this private league.

11.0 Rain existing, eminent, in the forecast etc: A player must arrive on time and assume play will commence as usual, unless they have confirmation from a league coordinator that play has been suspended or canceled. Confirmation must come from a league coordinator or another member that has direct confirmation from a league coordinator. A player not showing up for play is treated same as in Rule 4.0(c). During a rain delay, a player must remain with or nearby the group and either continue play when deemed possible or cancelled by a coordinartor. As long as a minimum of 1 set is completed by all courts, points will count as a played league night. The same if a minimum of 2 sets is completed. If all players have not completed a single set and play is canceled for the day, play will resume the following week at that point of play in the 1st set. A player leaving before play is officially cancelled by the league coordinator shall receive a 0 for each set, his partners in each set a 4, and his opponents a 6. The same player will also move down 1 court.

11.1 If time runs out or rain may arrive, and all players agree, the 3rd set may be decided by a 7 or 10 point tiebreak. Winning team scores a 6 for the set and losing team a 4.

12.0 If a players substitute is a "no-show" without explanation, the player will score a "0" and move down a court. The other 3 players will score a 14. Of the other 3 players, the player with the higher previous league night score will move up. The no-show substitute will no longer be welcome play in this private league.

13.0 If, at the end of a season, there is a tie, an extra point will be awarded to the player with a perfect attendance. If a tie still exists, then the player with fewer absences will win. If there is still a tie it will be decided by the player with more total points at the end of week 7, if still tied, then decided by total score in week 6, and so on.


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